My Business Case Hub® AI Tools and GPT Prompts
Our new My Business Case Hub® AI Tools and Library of GPT Prompts are here to revolutionize the way you write your business cases.

Get ready to harness the power of AI and transform your business case content creation process with more coherent and comprehensive documents and presentations than ever before.

Boost clarity, finesse content and elevate the readability of your executive summaries, documents and presentations with this totally streamlined workflow that's easy-to-use for professionals.

Create powerful written business cases quickly and reliably without sacrificing substance or style.

Bring out the recommendations from your business case to help you finish with a convincing call to action that leads to executive approval.

My Business Case GPT
My Business Case GPT
We've created a chatbot interface to a portion of My Business Case Hub® content.

You can ask it anything related to business cases — and like ChatGPT, you can follow up with instructions on how you'd like it to expand upon or refine its answers.

So why wait? Try out My Business Case GPT today and revolutionize the way you approach business cases.
Business Case AI Tools (9) 
Content Improver
Takes a piece of your business case content and makes it more interesting and engaging.
Content Expander
Takes a short piece of your business case content and makes it longer.
Content Continuer
Takes a piece of your business case content and continues writing.
Content Rewriter
Rewrites your business case text and tries to say things in a different way.
Conclusion Paragraph
Writes a conclusion paragraph for a section in your business case document.
Project Paragraphs
Tell us about your organization and tell us about the project (product/service), and we'll give you a long-form description.
Business Case Before-After-Bridge
Generate all parts of the Before-After-Bridge formula.
Business Case Objective to Key Results Area
Our OKA Generator helps you come up with Key Results given an Objective.
Customer Avatar
Define the customer segment and their needs, and we will generate a customer avatar.