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Use our proven AI tools and resources to build a solid business case fast, without any prior experience or expertise in business cases.
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My Business Case Hub for Business Leaders and Professionals is the only solution offering a complete set of resources, templates, and AI tools for writing, developing, and managing your business case.
Elevate your Business Case for Executive Approval 

It's a significant investment in developing the business case.

You don't want all the hard work that has gone into developing the business case to be wasted.

So, make sure you use My Business Case Hub® and unlock those valuable resources such as templates, frameworks, checklists, tips & advice from experts.

With its comprehensive library of proven best practices, the My Business Case Hub® platform enables you to create better business cases faster, increasing your chances of getting executive approval.

My Business Case Generator is powered by GPT-4

Our AI-driven My Business Case Generator streamlines your workflow by generating the initial draft in under 4 minutes, not hours or days.

Let AI be your competitive advantage.

The 'My Business Case Generator' is here to elevate your capacity and productivity, turning time-consuming tasks into quick, efficient processes.

12-Months Access to My Business Case Generator

Prepare to enhance your professional capabilities and efficiency with a full year of uninterrupted access to the My Business Case Generator.

This opportunity with My Business Case Hub® offers a comprehensive platform for consistently developing and refining high-caliber business cases.

Embrace the possibility of honing your strategic skills with a tool designed for precision and effectiveness, ensuring you deliver superior business case solutions throughout the year.

Everything you need to get
the approval for your business case

You've been working hard on your project opportunity but don't know where to start.

Learn how to develop the business case strategy, monetize the benefits, and become approval ready.

Participate in our online Masterclass program and learn everything you need to build, write and present your business case.

Membership provides 12 months of access to My Business Case Hub® 
Invest in your growth. With membership, you get on-demand access to industry expertise, 1:1 professional coaching, and best practices.  
Online 2-hour live sessions designed to give you new skills, tools, templates and strategies to help you build business cases that are investment.
  • Business case foundations
  • Financial analysis
  • Presenting persuasive business cases
Expert Coaching
Our online personal coaching sessions give you the personalized guidance you need to achieve your professional goals.

Get professional, confidential, and impartial service without waiting for weeks for a response.

Business Cases
We help professionals build their business case capabilities, offering AI tools, templates, frameworks and consulting services.

Our Masterclass program, workshops and courses will help ensure that your business cases are ready to deliver value to stakeholders and that your business can grow.

Build your business case quickly and efficiently.

This Masterclass program will have you building approval-ready business cases in no time.

With online workshops plus the online business cases platform, you'll learn to:

  • Write and develop your business case.
  • Make better proposals and be ready to present them to your board or investors.
  • Gain expertise and confidence in presenting the business case.
  • And much more.

Then you'll be ready to jump straight into developing your business case.

We have been helping professionals learn how to write and develop business cases since 2002. We have helped hundreds of professionals from 55 countries build business cases using our programs, workshops, online courses and resources.

My Business Case Hu equips Professionals to Maximize their Time and Productivity.

By utilizing My Business Case Hub, organizations can maximize the productivity of their staff time and resources when preparing for organizational change.

Many professionals and business analysts struggle to write the executive summary and quantify and monetize the outcomes and business into quantifiable financials.

With My Business Case Hub®, you will improve your business case maturity and define best practices.

We provide excellent skills transfer so you can learn to quantify and monetize business outcomes comprehensively and frame business cases that can be tied to the corporate plan in both practical terms and how it delivers on fulfilling strategic objectives.

My Business Case Hub® offers critical tools for driving effective organizational change and business growth.

Enterprise-Grade Privacy on My Business Case Hub®
My Business Case Hub prioritizes your data security. Your inputs remain strictly private and are never shared with third parties nor used for AI training by My Business Case Hub or OpenAI. Built on OpenAI's secure API platform, we ensure that your strategic data is protected by stringent enterprise privacy standards. For complete transparency on how we handle your data, visit OpenAI Enterprise Privacy and My Business Case Hub and Chase Consulting Privacy. We are committed to keeping your information secure while you harness our AI tools to enhance your business strategy.
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